Finesia Consulting

Bookkeeping outsourcing

We offer a one-stop solution for companies seeking an efficient outsourcer of bookkeeping and accounting. Our competitive advantage is the capability to combine the knowledge of local regulations and standards with the generally accepted Western business practices. Our bookkeeping arrangements are based on the Service Level Agreements which detail the parameters of the delivered services. While running the books of our clients, we obey the corporate governance rules.

Maintaining the books of a company involves numerous administrative activities such as contacting the tax office, preparing tax filings, storing the documents etc. We fully realize our clients' expectations to transfer these burdens onto an accounting outsourcer. It is our intention to walk the clients through all the processes related to the efficient administration of their books. We may assist in formalities with starting-up the business activity and on the other hand may also support the process of business liquidation.

Our cooperation with the clients is usually commenced with the assessment of client's needs. While always standing by our ethical and professional principles, we are trying to adjust some of our operating procedures to client's expectations. This applies to our time schedules and means of communication. Most of our staff is bilingual and used to work in the highly demanding business environment.

Because the capability to service diverse needs of our clients often depends on the processing efficiency, we utilize the IT systems to a greatest possible extent. Our accounting system is updated and complemented with interfaces to efficiently import and export the data. Most of our data may be transmitted electronically. If needed, we can also build IT programs and interfaces.

We strongly believe in the importance of accuracy of accounting information for the overall financial management of any business. The results of our work are presentable in a comprehensive way for our clients so that they could benefit from it in-time and on the required level of details.

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