Finesia Consulting

Payroll administration

Companies for various reasons decide to outsource payroll administration. This may be a part of the strategy to protect the confidentiality of the sensitive payroll data. It can just as well be a result of seeking a cost-efficiency of processing the numerous statutory withholdings.

We offer taking over and automating the payroll administration including:

  • calculating net payments;
  • calculating personal income tax and social security withholdings;
  • preparing statutory reports;
  • contacting with the tax office and the social security office on payroll matters;
  • printing pay-slips for employees
  • preparing accounting and management reports on payroll;

Depending on the clients' requirements and according to detail procedures, we may also process payroll-related bank payments including:

  • net payments to individual employees' bank accounts;
  • statutory payments for taxed and social security;

Additionally, we offer services related to the human resources administration. These services extend beyond pure storing of personal records and include formal activities normally performed by the HR administrator in the company including:

  • delivering and maintaining personnel questionnaires;
  • notifying employees about mandatory medical tests;
  • coordinating labor hygiene trainings;
  • managing data-base of absence-leaves;
  • providing for draft employment contracts;
  • preparing standard work termination documents;
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