Finesia Consulting

Employee Recruitment

Success of most business activities is conditional upon acquiring and retaining of good employees. We offer recruitment services according to requirements commissioned by our clients. Our main specialty is finance and IT jobs. Taking into account our own competencies, we bring into the recruitment process the familiarity of work that candidates are to deal with once employed. Our important asset is also the wide network of our business contacts.

For employee recruitment we may offer:

  • assistance in recruitment of personnel, especially for employees of finance and IT;
  • advisory and assessment of qualifications for the positions to be filled in;
  • support in taking and implementing strategic personnel decisions by companies;

We always follow the best business practices and ethical standards. Mindful of the market specifics we care for the satisfaction both of our clients as well as employees' whom they seek. These latter are not subjects but objects of our recruitment activities. On the other hand, we strive to diligently accommodate our clients expectations related to their HR strategies.

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