Finesia Consulting

Representative office

For companies having no presence in Poland or in other Central European countries, we offer to act as their local representative office. We can perform necessary administrative functions to ensure the efficient presence of such companies at the local marketplace. By providing back-office resources we can assist in implementing the foreign companies’ strategies in Poland or in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Representing clients’ interests under this formula is conducted according to individual agreements with the clients which define the scope of our involvement in the clients’ business activity. We may serve as a local point of contact for business partners and clients of our clients. With our communication capabilities conveying business information among all interested parties should become effective and cost efficient. The detail arrangements may also include secretarial support, translation activities and assistance with organizing meetings, contacting local institutions and other service providers.

The functionality of the representative office allows for the clients to focus on their actual core business activities without being distracted by the particularities of the local business environment. This proves to be especially efficient for new entrants to the market or those willing to maintain their business activity on the local market at the relatively low level.

For clients willing to develop their businesses in Poland or expand internationally we offer management consulting and business development services performed by VerceCo, the company affiliated with us.

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